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04.03.24 DAHDI bundle update

DAHDI bundle 3.3.0 available.
Linux kernel 6.1.0 supported.

29.06.21 Software product CCS logger

Information about the CCS logger software product has been published. The program allows to record signalling and voice from multiple E1 streams.

11.12.19 The new certificates for Quasar boards

New declarations of conformity have been received for Quasar-M, Quasar-4, Quasar-8, Quasar-16 products with a validity period of 10 years. Available upon request.

28.03.19 DAHDI bundle update.

DAHDI bundle 3.0.0 available.

13.07.18 The warehouse received adapters E1 Quasar-16

The warehouse received 16-port adapters E1 Quasar-16RPCX. The adapter allows you to connect and analyze up to 16 E1 streams simultaneously.

04.07.17 The new M.2 E1 adapter is available

The Parabel company presents the new super-compact E1 module in M.2 form factor. Quasar-M2 serves two E1 ports and has dimensions 22x60 mm.

03.04.17 The new price list

04.08.16 The new 32-port FXO/FXS bank for Asterisk is released

Asteroid-1U can provide up to 32 ports FXS/FXO/GSM. It has four 8-port modules,

embedded echo canceller. The device is compatible with virtualized Asterisk servers.

08.04.15 The new adapter Quasar is released in Mini PCI Express format.

The card provides 2 E1 ports and intended for usage in compact computers.

08.04.15 The new adapter Quasar is released in PC-104+ format.

The card provides up to 8 E1 ports and intended for usage in industrial computers PC-104+.

07.11.14 DAHDI bundle update.

DAHDI with alternative TDMoE implementation included.

07.11.14 Alternative TDMoE driver for Asteroid, ELF2-AE

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