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Asteroid-1U – the channel bank for Asterisk (32 ports)



Basic features

  • Up to 32 FXS/FXO ports, up to 8 GSM ports
  • Connection via Ethernet
  • Hardware echo canceller
  • Asterisk/DAHDI support
  • Point-to-point mode
  • Modular design




Asteroid-1U is designed for connection of the voice subscribers (lines) to IP PBX Asterisk/Freeswitch. The device allows connection of up to 32 phone ports FXS/FXO and to 8 GSM ports. The channel bank is designed on the modular basis, thus providing flexibility and efficient configuration of hardware. The 19'' chassis allows mounting of up to 4 modules FXO/FXS or GSM.

Connection to IP PBX is performed via the Ethernet network interface via the TDMoE protocol. Support of TDMoE in IP PBX is realized via the DAHDI program interface. Protocol implemented in the device is optimized for high latencies in the network. So, in the enlarged buffer mode the channel bank allows start of the Asterisk server in virtual environment - under the control of KVM, ESXi, XEN and others. Several devices can be connected to a single server. Quantity of the devices depends on the server performance only.

Besides operation with the server, Asteroid allows operation in the "Point-to-point" mode. A pair of the devices can do forwarding of the ports FXO/FXS via network Ethernet with transparent storing of signaling, without PC.


Line of products

Modular chassis with controller, power supply, Ethernet 10/100 port. Allows for installation of 4 port modules.
Asteroid-1UT-EC Modular chassis with controller, power supply, Ethernet 10/100 port and echo canceller module. Allows for installation of 4 port modules.
MFXS-8Module for connection of internal lines, 8 ports
MFXO-8Module for connection of external lines, 8 ports
GSM module, 2 ports


GSM antenna, 3 db, SMA


Call center






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