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About us

Parabel ltd, the Innovation Company, was founded in 2000 by the team of experts in IT management, software technology and electronics engineering. For this decade the company has been engaged into various business activities involved in researching, developing, producing, and distributing advanced technology equipment. Our products are designed to adapt to common telecoms network and IT environments. Now our competitive and reliable products are in good demand for internet providers, system integrators, private medium- to large-sized companies, and state organizations both in our country and around the world.

Our products

  • The interface convertors E1, V.35, Ethernet
  • Routers with E1 interfaces
  • E1 over IP equipment
  • Products line for the Asterisk soft PBX
  • Embedded controllers for automation and remote telemetry

Our strength

We offer effective equipment with rich functionality at the reasonable price. Having the target to cover the mass market, most manufactures offer a low price, but with poor functionality of their equipment and sometimes inferior quality. Though, our experts focus on cost minimization in developing and promoting new telecom devices, they never forget to provide our hardware with diagnostic features. In addition, our devices are integrated with such time-tested open source software products as Linux and Asterisk.

Instantaneous Reaction to market demands

The team of highly qualified developers, our high and long presence on this market, and module design of most our devices enable to respond instantaneously to any even tiny market changes. Our products are designed with the advanced CAD tools and FPGA/ ASIC chips. It allows us to reduce the lead time for a new product line.

The quality of products

We supply our devices with best quality of the leading world silicon centers, as the inside of our product is based on the chips from many world’s brands such as Texas Instruments, Freescale, Altera and others. The printed boards are produced by professional printed circuit board manufactures in Hong Kong. We are always attaching great importance to the pre-sales tests and the analysis report on device operation under extreme temperature.

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