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Quasar-M2 - digital E1 card in M2 2260 format

Quasar-M2 module

  • Two E1 ports
  • PCIe interface
  • M.2 2260 form factor
  • Embedded TDM switch
  • DMA data transfer
  • DAHDI optimized structure of PCI frames
  • Linux driver (x86, x64)
  • Linux configuration utility
  • Works with any DAHDI-compatible PBX - Asterisk (FreePBX), FreeSwitch, Yate


Quasar-M2 interface board is intended for connection of E1 interfaces to the computers running under Asterisk soft PBX. The adapter is configured as a module of M.2 2260 format. The adapter is controlled by a special driver developed for the Linux OS.

Technical data

E1 attenuation0..-6 db
CodingAMI or HDB3
E1 line clockingMaster or slave
E1 multiframeCRC4, CAS
SwitchingEmbedded TDM switch 64x64 slots
Bus interface

PCIe x1

Device dimensions2260 (22 x 60 x 9 mm)

Order codes

Quasar-M22 E1 ports, M.2 2260



  • Laptop based E1 analyzers
  • Compact VOIP gates, based on Asterisk
  • VOIP gates and IP PBX for industrial and rugged applications
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