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CCS logger

E1 recording software


Main features

  • Recording of voice and number information from several E1 lines
  • Supports SS7 and PRI signalling
  • No interference with the transit signal
  • Compatible with common SQL databases




CCS logger is software for multichannel signalling and voice recording from E1 lines. The software records the numbers of the called and calling subscribers, the time and duration of the call, records audio. The information is stored in an external SQL database and can then be processed by third-party scripts. CSS logger can be used as a tool for various applications - such as call charging, line congestion analysis, call center operation analysis, conflict detection, speech analytics services. Software compatible with adapters Quasar-16, Quasar-8, Quasar-4



OSLinux x32/x64
Number of channelsLimited only by hardware configuration
Standard SS7ITU Q.763
Standard PRIITU Q.931
Voice recording formatWAV files with A-law / m-law coding
Fixed call parameterscall time, subscriber answer time, call end time, call duration, called and caller numbers, initiator of call termination
Software configurationINI file
Supported DBSQLite, Postgre, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and others, with an ODBC driver
Supported equipmentQuasar-16, Quasar-8, Quasar-4



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