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Router,Bridge ELF2-R (E1, V.35)

Product preview

Product preview

Main features
  • Bridge or router
  • Embedded Linux
  • IP filter and NAT
  • E1 framed/unframed modes
  • E1 drop-insert interface
  • Power: 220V AC or 36..72V DC
  • LAN interconnections
  • Remote internet access
  • Interface converter



ELF2-Rxx can be used on the primary E1 channels as IP router, bridge or firewall. The possible router modifications are listed in the table below.

As distinct from competitor products, the ELF2 router has the following advantages:

  • The second E1 port presence, which can be used for drop-insert schemes and daisy chain connections
  • The extended capabilities of CAS signalization in timeslot 16
  • The router is based on the Linux kernel, well proved system in telecom applications
  • Modular software gives additional flexibility in many applications

Router software is based on the Linux system and provides following functions (package version 2.40):

WAN protocols
Synchronous PPP
Several IP addresses in one interface
Cisco HDLCRemote IP changing
Frame RelayAccess point IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
Two E1 aggregation into one link (for ELF2-REE)
802.1Q bridge transparency
Half bridge through WAN interface (in CHDLC mode)Supports up to 4094 VLANs

IP маршрутизация:

STP (IEEE 802.1D) support
Statical routing by destination IP, TOS, IP filter labels
Local traffic filtration
RIPv1 (RFC1058)
VLAN transparency
RIPv2 (RFC1723)
Transparent IP, IPX, NetBEUI transmission via WAN interface
RIP md5 authentication
Compatibility with Cisco bridges
OSPF (RFC2328)
Bridge groups support
BGP4 (RFC1771)
Simultaneous routing/bridging
IP accounting:QOS support:
Iptables traffic classification
Packets queues with assigned priorities
Statistics via rshTraffic shaping
Netflow support
Packets classification by port number, TOS and other options

IP filter:

Complex chains of rules
IP source and destination translation
Packets classification by IP address, protocol, TCP/UDP port number
Translation befor and after routing
Other services:Control:
NTP client
tftp server and client


Order codes

ELF2-RVV.35, Ethernet 10/100 (*)
ELF2-RV-4UELF2-RV for 19" crate, 4U height (**)
ELF2-REE1 framed/unframed, Ethernet 10/100 (*)
ELF2-RE-4UELF2-RE for 19" crate, 4U height (**)
ELF2-REEE1 framed/unframed/drop-insert, Ethernet 10/100 (*)
ELF2-REE-4UELF2-REE for 19" crate, 4U height (**)

* power source is not included

** power from crate



Power module for ELF2 (220VAC)


Power module for ELF2 (DC-DC 36..72 V)


19" 4U crate, 10 slots of ELF2, power 220VAC


19" 4U crate, 10 slots of ELF2, power 48..72VDC

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