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7 ports outdoor switch IP66 with SFP and PoE+


Main features

  • Form Factor– sealed aluminum housing, IP66
  • Cable sealing with rubber seals and collet clamps
  • Industrial temperature range -40 .. +70°C
  • 2 SFP slots for 1000base-X or 100base-FX modules
  • 4 GBE/POE ports, 1 AUX GBe port
  • POE budget 25W/port
  • Input power from 220V network with possible drawdowns up to 100V
  • Protection system against overheating, overload, short circuit, lightning discharges
  • Can be installed outdoors, without using a climate cabinet
  • Web interface
  • SNMP v1 v3




    CR-603 is a 7-port Ethernet switch in a protected case, designed for operation in the industrial temperature range, with support for POE + technology, support for optical SFP modules. The switch provides connection of end devices according to the 1000 / 100base-T standard to fiber-optic lines at a speed of 1000 or 100 Mbps and at the same time provides power according to the PoE 802.3at, 802.3af standards. The features of the switch include the ability to reset PoE devices when the link disappears on the optical port or periodically.


    Technical data

    External interfaces


    4 x RJ-45  100/1000 base-T  POE+


    2 x SFP  100 base FX/1000 base-X

    Ethernet (AUX)

    RJ-45  100/1000 base-T


    100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

    General characteristics

    Dimensions (without fasteners)

    275x205x105 mm


    1.5 kg

    Power consumption

    150W (with POE loads)

    Working temperature range

    -40 .. +70°C

    Protection class


    POE and external devices

    POE standards

    802.3af (PoE)

    802.3at (PoE+)


    Overload protection


    Protection against accidental inclusion


    POE budget

    25W /port




    The product can be used, for example, to build video surveillance networks, to cover the territory of WiFi communication, in enterprise computer networks. The switch can be operated in the most severe environmental conditions. Street mounting is allowed on power transmission poles, walls of buildings, etc. Two optical ports allow to build an ring topology networks and cover a large area of service.


    Typical application scheme

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