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CR-508 M.2 GPS/GLONASS module with PCI-express interface

CR-508 foto


  • Standard M.2 module with dimensions 2242
  • PCI-express x1 interface bus
  • Messages format NMEA 0183
  • External active antenna
  • Battary powered for fast start
  • Drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10, Linux >= 2.6.32




The CR-508 module can be installed in fixed and mobile computers, onboard control units and controllers having an expansion slot M.2. The product provides the receipt of satellite navigation information from GPS and GLONASS systems and the transfer of navigational data to the computer - global coordinates, altitude, speed, exact time.


Application example

The CR-508 module is installed in the Mini-ITX format board



The result of the module in the GPS Viewer program

CR-508 gps viewer


The result of the module in Navia viewer program

CR-508 navia viewer


The output from the CR-508 module in the Linux system, the NMEA language

CR-508 Linux output

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