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TDM over IP gateway ELF2-PP (E1 over IP)

Product preview

Product preview

  • partial or complete transfer of the E1 stream
  • support of E1 master/slave
  • support of VLAN
  • selection of the package size
  • selection of the TOS filed, numbers of the ports for traffic prioritization
  • control via the USB console or telnet
  • table-top or rack-mounts


  • remote multi-channel telephone terminals over Wifi
  • E1 channels for PBX connection over data networks


ELF2-PP is designed to organize the E1 virtual channel via the packet data transmission networks. The device allows ground for organization of the multiservice networks (voice+data) based on the Ethernet infrastructure. This solution as compared to VoIP is, sometimes, a preferred choice allowing simplification of configuration and operation of the telecommunication channel.

Necessary operation conditions of ELF2-PP are as follows:

  • availability of a separate broadband link with the Ethernet "twisted pair" interfaces
  • support by the QOS hardware for the Ethernet commutation in case of simultaneous data and voice transfer
  • small delay of packet transmission (no more than 30 ms "back and forth"), otherwise usage of the external echo suppressors is recommended in the E1 channel

Peculiarities of ELF2-PP are as follows:

  • transparency for telephone signaling protocols
  • complete recovery of initial cyclic and super cyclic structure of the E1 frame
  • restoration of temporal characteristics of the G.703 signal
  • delay compensation of packet transmission via the Ethernet infrastructure
  • usage of UDP or Ethernet packages to encapsulate E1 data
  • adjustability of the packages sizes and value of the compensating buffer


Order codes

ELF2-PPTDM over IP gateway: 1 Ethernet port, 1 E1 port, case
ELF2-PP-1UTDM over IP gateway: 1 Ethernet port, 1 E1 port, rack mount
ELF2-PP2-1UTDM over IP gateway: 2 Ethernet port, 2 E1 port, rack mount



Power module for ELF2 (DC-DC 36..72 V)

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