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СR-801 SFP module with 1-wire interface



  • Mechanical compatibility with INF-8074 standard
  • Diagnostic interface in accordance with SFF-8472
  • System interface SGMII, 100 Mbps
  • Compatible with industrial switches and routers
  • One 1-wire bus channel on an external RJ-45 connector
  • Management via Web interface
  • Software compatible with the owfs project




The CR-801 module is designed to connect a 1-wire bus to an Ethernet network. The module is made in SFP format and can be installed in the corresponding slots of switches/routers or servers. On the 1-wire bus side, the product is a 1-wire network controller (1-wire master) and allows the connection of a wide variety of 1-wire sensors and actuators. On the SFP port side, the switch/router must support SGMII mode. Transport of ethernet packets between the module and application software, as well as power supply to the module and the 1-wire bus, is carried out through the mother switch.
The CR-801 module can be used in the following applications:

  • Temperature/humidity measurement/access control in server rooms
  • Home automation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Access control



External interfaces

Ethernet  (SFP port)

SGMII, 100 Mbit/s

1-wire interface

DS2484, active pull-up

1-wire power supply

From the mother switch, 3.3V

1-wire socket

RJ45, 8 contacts

General characteristics


67x14x14 mm

Form factor   

SFP module

Galvanic isolation


Operating temperature range

-40 .. +70°C


OWFS, 1-Wire File System


Web interface, http


Typical application diagram

The application diagram is shown in the figure below.
‘Application’ – application that implements a measurement system using 1-wire sensors.
‘Switch/Router’ – mother switch with a CR-801 module installed in its SFP slot.
‘Web interface’ – standard browser with which you can configure the CR-801.
‘OWFS’ – software package implementing the protocol part of the 1-wire bus.


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