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CR-701 100/1000 copper ethernet tap

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Main Features

  • Form Factor - PC card PCI-express x4
  • 4 external ports 100/1000 Base-T
  • Relay bypass upon power failure
  • The length of the line in total (port A + port B) is 100 m when the relay bypass is operating, 100 m+100 m when the active bypass
  • Transparency for jumbo packets up to 9.5 Kbytes, packets with bad CRC, truncated packets
  • Zero packet delay
  • Software support in Linux - a modified driver for Intel 82580
  • Configuration - hardware jumpers, software jumpers, sysfs




Interface CR-701 is an adapter card in PCI-express format, designed for monitoring Ethernet networks 100 and 1000 base-T (twisted pair). The device provides interception of traffic from two external Ethernet lines, with the output of traffic to the PCI-Express bus of the hosting server. The interface guarantees minimal interference in the line - transparent transmission of long (jumbo) packets, packets with bad CRC, truncated packets is provided. The mixing of foreign traffic into the line is excluded. Also, the interface guarantees a virtually zero delay in passing the packet from port to port. On the system side, the adapter is programmatically compatible with the Intel 82580 four-port adapter.


Interface structure

cr-701 structure

A special feature of the device is the presence of two bypasses - relay and active. The relay bypass provides traffic between ports A and B when the server power is turned off. The active bypass transfers traffic A <-> B in the operating mode. Thus, the uninterruptedness of the investigated communication line is achieved.


Application scheme


Network tap

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