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CR-506 4 port GbE PoE adapter



      • Form factor – PC card PCI-express x1
      • 4 external ports and one system port 10/100/1000 Base-T
      • The power budget for external PoE devices – up to 15.4 W per port
      • Isolation protection 2 KV between power and ports
      • Ports overload protection
      • Full/Half duplex with flow control support IEEE 802.3x
      • Support of jumbo frames of 9216 bytes
      • Support of Wake-on-LAN
      • Microsoft NDIS5 checksum offload (IP,TCP,UDP)
      • Support of IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
      • Support of Spanning Tree IEEE 802.1w, IEEE802.1s






          CR-506 is 4-port GbE network card with 802.3af support. The adapter is a combined device, which depending on configuration can perform one of three functions – multiport PoE Ethernet adapter, embedded unmanaged PoE switch as PC card or Ethernet tap. The PoE devices are managed by four separate injectors, providing overload protection and 802.3af protocol implementation. The PoE ports are powered by the on-board DC-DC convertor.


          Unmanaged switch mode

          This mode uses the device as a 5-port switch embedded to PC. The fifth port of the switch is connected to the MAC controller and can be accesses via PCI-express bus.

          unmanaged switch


          Ethernet tap mode

          In this mode the device still functions as a switch, but port 0 and port 4 (system) perform special functions. They can connect a peripheral device with traffic to analyze to port. Using ports 1-3 the device to be analyzed will carry out outward communication. But the packets sent or received via port 0 will be copied to port 4 and sent to the MAC controller. With the help of a network analyzer these packets can be recorded and analyzed.

          Network tap

          4-port MAC controller mode

          This mode assigns an internal VLAN to each external port of the adapter. Thus, the switch isolates the traffic between ports. The traffic from every external port is closed to the MAC controller only.

          4-port mac


          Application examples

          Connecting end-point devices to a server


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