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16 ports E1 tap adapter




  • Passing through 16 E1 ports (32 twisted pairs)
  • High impedance connection
  • Galvanic isolation on each pair
  • Does not break transit signal when power is turned off
  • Transparent for all types of E1 signalling
  • 1U rack enclosure




    CR-216 is a E1 multi-port signal stripper, developed for monitoring and diagnostics. The E1 signals connected are symmetrical twisted pairs with 120 ohm matching. The device allows you to connect to 16 bidirectional E1 signals (rx + tx) and contains 32 high-resistance signal receivers, 32 matched transmitters with galvanic isolation and an output impedance of 120 ohms. The device installed on parallel to the lines of the signal under study, does not violate its coordination and the amplitude-frequency characteristic. The type of coding and E1 signaling does not matter. The passage of the investigated signal is guaranteed in the power off state also.



    Type of input sinal120 Ohm balanced twisted pair
    Input waveform and amplitudeIn accordance with ITU G703 standard
    Receiver input impedance12-17 KOhm
    Number of input pairs32
    Input galvanic isolation1500V
    Coding and E1 signalingIrrelevant
    Socket types A,B,CRJ45
    Power down signal transitionYes
    PowerInternal power source 220VAC or -48VDC /12W
    Weight1 Kg
    Dimensions485x110x44 mm (19" 1U)


    Application scheme

    cr216 16 port E1 tap

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