CR-505 LAN Adapter with bypass Port



    • Form factor – PC card PCI-express
    • Standard or low-profile board
    • 1 main port 10/100/1000 Base-T, 1 bypass port
    • Guaranteed length up to 50 m
    • Full/Half duplex with flow control support IEEE 802.3x
    • Supporting jumbo frames of 9216 bytes
    • Polarity and entangled pairs self-correction
    • Microsoft NDIS5 checksum offload (IP,TCP,UDP)
    • Supporting IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
    • Watchdog controller 60 or 600 seconds
    • Compatibility with XP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Linux/FreeBSD/DOS




      LAN adapter CR-505 is a single channel Ethernet adapter with one main port and one bypass port. Switching from the main port to the bypass port (bypass mode) is automated when the server power supply is off or watchdog controller reacts. Bypass port serves to connect a standby server. Adapter CR-505 can be used for “hot” backup servers – Web-servers, data base and terminal ones.

      Adapter structure

      LAN adapter with bypass


      Application example

      According to this scheme the primary server checks from time to time the connectivity to the standby server via LAN adapters #1 and #2. Adapter CR-505 is installed to the primary server and is connected to the standby server with a bypass port. If the connectivity is lost (or the software of the primary server “hungs”) the standby server is connected to the operating network via bypass port. The standby server shall also have the exact copy of the primary server software; also, the same MAC address shall be set for adapter #3 and adapter CR-505. The given scheme provides for a “hot” backing up of the primary server. The administrator can be notified of the occurred server rotation by the appearance of an Ethernet link in adapter #3.

      Server failover

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