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13.07.18 The warehouse received adapters E1 Quasar-16

The warehouse received 16-port adapters E1 Quasar-16RPCX. The adapter allows you to connect and analyze up to 16 E1 streams simultaneously.

4.07.17 The new M.2 E1 adapter is available

The Parabel company presents the new super-compact E1 module in M.2 form factor. Quasar-M2 serves two E1 ports and has dimensions 22x60 mm.

3.04.17 The new price list
4.08.16 The new 32-port FXO/FXS bank for Asterisk is released

Asteroid-1U can provide up to 32 ports FXS/FXO/GSM. It has four 8-port modules,

embedded echo canceller. The device is compatible with virtualized Asterisk servers.

8.04.15 The new adapter Quasar is released in Mini PCI Express format.

The card provides 2 E1 ports and intended for usage in compact computers.

8.04.15 The new adapter Quasar is released in PC-104+ format.

The card provides up to 8 E1 ports and intended for usage in industrial computers PC-104+.

7.11.14 DAHDI bundle update.

DAHDI with alternative TDMoE implementation included.

7.11.14 Alternative TDMoE driver for Asteroid, ELF2-AE
16.09.13 Sales of multichannel E1 adapters with harware EC are started.

Quasar-4PCX-EC and Quasar-8PCX-EC are 4 (8) ports adapters with hardware echo canceller.

15.04.13 Hardware echo canceller for Asteroid2-MT16

The bank of channels Asteroid2-MT16 now is available with hardware echo canceller (EC option). All 128 channels are processed with echo tail 128 ms.

28.01.13 GSM interaface for Asteroid is developed

The new GSM 850/900/1800/1900 interface module is developed for channel banks Asteroid and Asteroid2-MT16.

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