11.12.19 The new certificates for Quasar boards

New declarations of conformity have been received for Quasar-M, Quasar-4, Quasar-8, Quasar-16 products with a validity period of 10 years. Available upon request.

28.03.19 DAHDI bundle update.

DAHDI bundle 3.0.0 available.

13.07.18 The warehouse received adapters E1 Quasar-16

The warehouse received 16-port adapters E1 Quasar-16RPCX. The adapter allows you to connect and analyze up to 16 E1 streams simultaneously.

04.07.17 The new M.2 E1 adapter is available

The Parabel company presents the new super-compact E1 module in M.2 form factor. Quasar-M2 serves two E1 ports and has dimensions 22x60 mm.

03.04.17 The new price list

04.08.16 The new 32-port FXO/FXS bank for Asterisk is released

Asteroid-1U can provide up to 32 ports FXS/FXO/GSM. It has four 8-port modules,

embedded echo canceller. The device is compatible with virtualized Asterisk servers.

08.04.15 The new adapter Quasar is released in Mini PCI Express format.

The card provides 2 E1 ports and intended for usage in compact computers.

08.04.15 The new adapter Quasar is released in PC-104+ format.

The card provides up to 8 E1 ports and intended for usage in industrial computers PC-104+.

07.11.14 DAHDI bundle update.

DAHDI with alternative TDMoE implementation included.

07.11.14 Alternative TDMoE driver for Asteroid, ELF2-AE

16.09.13 Sales of multichannel E1 adapters with harware EC are started.

Quasar-4PCX-EC and Quasar-8PCX-EC are 4 (8) ports adapters with hardware echo canceller.

15.04.13 Hardware echo canceller for Asteroid2-MT16

The bank of channels Asteroid2-MT16 now is available with hardware echo canceller (EC option). All 128 channels are processed with echo tail 128 ms.

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