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Quasar-8 - multichannel digital E1 card for Asterisk




  • 8 (4) E1 ports
  • Hardware echo cancellation
  • Embedded TDM switch
  • DMA mode
  • PCI, PCIe or PMC card form factor
  • Linux driver (x86, x64)
  • Linux configuration utility
  • Works with any DAHDI-compatible PBX
    Asterisk (FreePBX), FreeSwitch, Yate


Quasar is an 8 (4) ports E1 interface card, developed for use in PCI/PCIe/PMC slots. The card provides simultaneous 256-voice channel processing and channel cross switching without CPU loading. The primary application is to attach the Asterisk software PBX to E1 channels.

Technical data

Connector type RJ45, 8 contacts
Cable type symmetrical twisted pair, 120 ohm
Nominal pulse voltage 3 V +- 10%
Data transmission rate 2048 kbit/s +- 50 ppm
Coding AMI or HDB3
Signal attenuation, no more than -40 db for port 0, -6 db for port 1
Conformance to standards ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, G.823
E1 multiframe CRC4, CAS
Dimensions 130 x 120 x 20 mm
Bus interface

PCI 32 bits, 33 Mhz, PCI master capable


PCIe 1x

Software support
  • Configuration utility for Linux
  • DAHDI driver for Asterisk

Order codes

Quasar-8PMC 8 E1 ports, PMC
Quasar-4PMC 4 E1 ports, PMC
Quasar-8PCI 8 E1 ports, PCI
Quasar-4PCI 4 E1 ports, PCI
Quasar-8PCX 8 E1 ports, PCIe
Quasar-4PCX 4 E1 ports, PCIe
Quasar-8PCX-EC 8 E1 ports, PCIe, echo canceller
Quasar-4PCX-EC 4 E1 ports, PCIe, echo canceller
Quasar-8PCI-EC 8 E1 ports, PCI, echo canceller
Quasar-4PCI-EC 4 E1 ports, PCI, echo canceller


Office PBX with exterior E1 line



Corporative VOIP gateway


E1 access server


  • 8 (4) E1 channels
  • PCI or PCI express interface
  • Embedded TDM switch
  • PMC form factor (IEEE P1386.1)
  • PCI/PCIe card form factor
  • Linux Asterisk driver
  • Linux configuration utility
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