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Quasar M - digital E1 card for Asterisk



  • One or two E1 ports
  • PCI or PCIe interface
  • Low profile formfactor (for PCIe)
  • Hardware echo cancellation
  • Bypass switch
  • Embedded TDM switch
  • DMA data transfer
  • Zaptel (dahdi) optimized structure of PCI frames
  • Linux driver (x86, x64)
  • Linux configuration utility
  • Works with any DAHDI-compatible PBX - Asterisk (FreePBX), FreeSwitch, Yate


Quasar-M interface board is intended for connection of E1 interfaces to the servers running Asterisk soft PBX. The adapter is configured as a computer board of PCI or PCI-Express format. Quasar-M supports processing up to 60 voice channels, as well as industry standard telephony signaling, including SS7, PRI (EuroISDN, Q.931/Q.921, AT&T 4ESS, National ISDN 2, Lucent 5E). For CPU offloading, the adapter provides hardware echo cancellation option. The embedded bypass switch can be useable in high reliable voice processing systems. Quasar-M is compatible with all well-known telephony projects – Asterisk, Yate, FreeSWITCH, trixbox, Elastix, FreePBX.

Technical data

E1 attenuation 0..-40 db (port 0), 0..-6 db (port 1)
Coding AMI or HDB3
E1 line clocking Master or slave
E1 multiframe CRC4, CAS
Switching Embedded TDM switch 64x64 slots
Bus interface PCI 32 bits, 33 Mhz, PCI master capable


PCIe x1

Software support
  • Configuration utility for Linux
  • Zaptel (dahdi) driver for Asterisk

Order codes

Quasar-ME 1 E1 port, PCI
Quasar-MEE 2 E1 ports, PCI
Quasar-MEX 1 E1 port, PCIe

2 E1 ports, PCIe

Quasar-ME-EC 1 E1 port, PCI, echo canceller
Quasar-MEE-EC 2 E1 ports, PCI, echo canceller
Quasar-MEX-EC 1 E1 port, PCIe, echo canceller
Quasar-MEEX-EC 2 E1 ports, PCIe, echo canceller
Quasar-MEE-EC-FO 2 E1 ports, PCI, echo canceller, bypass
Quasar-MEEX-EC-FO 2 E1 ports, PCIe, echo canceller, bypass



Office PBX with exterior E1 line



Corporative VOIP gateway


E1 access server

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