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Quasar-16RPCX 16 ports E1 adapter



Main Features
  • Number of ports E1 - 16 (reception only)
  • 16 E1 framers with CAS/PRI/SS7 signaling support
  • DMA mode for transferring data to computer memory without CPU involvement
  • Automatic selection of the synchronization channel
  • High-impedance version without terminating resistors
  • PCI express x1 form factor
  • Linux driver (x86, x64)
  • DAHDI interface to read E1 ports data/signalling


Multi-channel interface card Quasar-16RPCX (adapter) is designed for connecting E1 interfaces to servers and workstations running Linux OS. The adapter provides receiving and parsing of E1 frames, packing data into packets, buffering and transferring streams to the main computer memory in DMA mode, generating appropriate interrupts. The adapter can be used to parallelly extract information from E1 streams for the purpose of monitoring and diagnosing communication networks.

Quasar-16 technical data

E1 connector type RJ-45, 8 pins
Cable type 120 Ohm, twisted pair
Data transmission rate 2048 kbit/s +- 50 ppm

E1 signal attenuation

0..-6 db
Line Coding AMI, HDB3
Standards ITU G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, G.823
Bus and slot type

PCI express 1x

Order codes

Quasar-16RPCX.1 16 E1 ports (rx only), with input terminating resistors 120 ohm
Quasar-16RPCX.2 16 E1 ports (rx only), without terminating resistors (high-impedance)



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